EHLT – European Heart & Lung Transplant games

Welcome to The Netherlands!

LOC Apeldoorn 2012 extends a very warm welcome to all heart and lung transplantees from all across Europe and has the greatest of pleasure in inviting you to join us at the 14th European Heart & Lung Transplant Games 2012 in Apeldoorn,The Netherlands.

Past European Games have demonstrated that, even after radical, life-saving heart or lung transplant surgery, patients can not only regain a normal life, but can also engage in sports. This year, the estimated 300 participants from a possible 28 European countries will be the continuing living proof of this.

Aims of the EHLT Games:

  • To show that organ donation is crucial in saving lives – without organ donation, not a single participant in this year’s EHLT Games would be alive
  • To stimulate people to register for organ donation by drawing attention to the fact that there is a current chronic shortage of organs available for transplant
  • To express deepest and heartfelt gratitude to donors and their families for their gift of life
  • To give courage to patients who are currently waiting for a transplant by showing them what they could also achieve after surgery, and that the long wait is worthwhile.

From 27 June to 1 July 2012, heart and lung transplantees will compete against each other, and each and every one of them will be a winner.

According to the Olympic adage:
“Taking part is more important than winning”

 I am greatly looking forward to welcoming you all – participants, patients waiting for a transplant and their families, relatives of donors, supporters and spectators alike – to the EHLT Games in Apeldoorn in 2012.